The Glowwood Box Set

The 78-Card Glowwood Oracle Deck and Glowwood Companion Guidebook

Lisa Biletska (Author)
Hag's Bag Rating: 5.00

Wander into Glowwood — an oracle card deck rooted in ecology, written in nature’s language — and allow its plants, insects, fungi, lichens, and minerals to enmesh you in their wild and knotted relationships. Their landscapes are reflections of ourselves.

This first-edition premium set contains a 78-card deck, a 276-page companion book, and a black linen bag. You will find all the tools and knowledge necessary to peel back the veil of “the ordinary” and find the shining threads of the forest’s universal truths.


  • a flexible interpretation system suitable for divination, as a psychological tool, for storytelling, for conversation, for creative inspiration
  • mysteriously stunning illustrations on durable, matte, anti-scratch cards
  • practical forest ecology knowledge that will rock your world
  • a non-hierarchical system in which each being plays a unique role
  • poetic, transcendent texts, channeled straight from the woods
  • a unique symbolic shorthand for fluent reading
  • illustrated spreads and extensions for your practice
  • easy-to-navigate indices for all cards and symbols

Matter flows. The wild teaches. Such is the real magic of nature.

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Published in 2022 by Emergent Plant Life
ISBN: 9781736925614
Edition language: English

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